Terms of Service

1. General – subject of the contract

1) telecontact is an information system on the Internet supported by a database, in which traders and other freelancers or authorities can enter information about their company and their services for publication purposes. Customers interested in the company’s services can use the telecontact site to find convenient search options that lead to the advertiser’s offer in just a few clicks.

2) In addition to these special contractual conditions for advertisers, the general conditions of use of telecontact.nz apply.

3) Online Web Solutions, Espenstrasse 28, 65933 Frankfurt is also responsible for implementing marketing, sales and customer acquisition on the telecontact.nz website.

2. basic and premium entries

1) telecontact.nz offers the advertiser the possibility of booking different entries, which differ according to the type and extent of information on the company and are priced (basic and premium listings).

2) It is possible to upgrade from basic listings to paid premium entries at any time. Switching from the basic listings premium is only permitted with effect for the following contract year.

3) Free basic listings and premium listings are ad-supported. The customer expressly agrees to the electronic advertising being placed in his registration.

3. Conclusion of contract

1) Registration on the telecontact.nz site does not constitute a binding contractual offer.

2) The client submits his firm offer of registration in the business directory of the telecontact.nz website by entering and sending the data entered in the registration section.

3) The client’s binding offer is accepted by activating the registration.

4) telecontact.nz can refuse acceptance without giving reasons.

5) Insofar as telecontact.nz makes use of the services offered by third parties, they do not become contractual partners of the client

4. Scope of services

1) Meilleurdeparis allows the customer to present his own information on the telecontact.nz website.

2) telecontact.nz reserves the right to extend the services and make improvements.

3) The services that telecontact.nz provides in goodwill in individual cases do not constitute a legal claim to the continuation of these services.

5. Obligations and obligations of the customer

1) The client is obliged to use the telecontact.nz services correctly. In particular, it is required:

2) Not to abuse access to telecontact.nz services and to refrain from unlawful acts.

3) To take account of recognized principles of data security, in particular to keep passwords secret or to change them immediately or to make changes if there is a presumption that third parties have become aware of them without authorization.

4) Notify telecontact.nz of any recognizable defect or damage (breakdown report).

5) Display the following modifications of telecontact.nz within one month:- any change of name or designation of the client- any modification of the legal form of the client- Any change of address or contact details of the client

6) The details of the interaction between the customer and telecontact.nz may regulate telecontact.nz by means of a regulation of use. telecontact.nz is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship after unsuccessful warning without respecting a deadline in the event of violation of the essential provisions of these terms of use.

6. Price and payment

1) Remuneration is based on the prices listed on our website. Note: According to § 19 UStG (German law), we do not charge sales tax and therefore do not show it.

2) The invoice amount for the entire contract period is due at the start of the respective contract period with invoicing.
3) Other charges for additional services requested by the customer are payable after the service has been provided and are due upon receipt of the invoice.

4) If the customer does not participate in the direct debit, the invoice amount must be credited to the account indicated on the invoice no later than the tenth day after receipt of the invoice.

5) If the customer does not make any payment even after a reminder and the expiration of the new payment period, telecontact.nz reserves the right to block the listings from the professional directory or to modify it as a basic listings. The payment obligation of the customer remains unaffected.

6) If different payment arrangements are made in the contracts, these take precedence.

7. Duration of contract, termination

1) A contract with a certain duration ends automatically at the end of the contract duration without termination.

2) In the case of other contracts without a specific contract duration, the contractual relationship of both contracting parties can be terminated with two weeks’ notice at the end of the month.

3) The right of extraordinary termination remains unaffected, especially if the customer manifestly violates the legal provisions. This does not result in any legal claim by third parties to termination without notice due to blocking, since telecontact.nz is not responsible for the content of the registration posted by the client in the network and has no influence on this one.

4) The contract for the basic listings is for an indefinite period, the premium listings is concluded for a period of one year from the registration by the advertiser.

5) The owner of a base listings can remove their business from our business directory at any time. For deletion, an e-mail to telecontact.nz must be assigned.

8. Publication of listings

1) The listings is published by the telecontact.nz support after its activation. However, there is no right to publication. telecontact.nz can delete an listings without giving a reason

9. The data protection policy of telecontact.nz

1) telecontact.nz takes the protection of your personal data seriously. The data will not be sold or used for advertising purposes.